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Automating DFIR using Cloud services

7 minute read

TL;DR: The DFIR lab can automate the processing of Plaso timelines to Timesketch using Velociraptor and Google Cloud services

Using Docker images from scratch

4 minute read

The last blog post about Docker was about using non-root Docker containers and why this is safer. This time I want to go a step further and explain what I th...

Mount Locker ransomware analysis

8 minute read

This blog post will explain how the ransomware called Mount Locker works. For encryption, Mount Locker uses Chacha20 to encrypt files and RSA-2048 to encrypt...

Preparation Tips for CKAD

3 minute read

5 days ago, I took the CKAD exam and passed. So I decided to write this short blog post about my experience and to share some tips that helped me pass it. Ev...